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MCC, MBK and MBK Convex

MoErgo makes 3 ranges of low profile key caps for Kailh Choc v1 key switches:

  • MBK - dish profile
  • MCC - cylindrical profile
  • MBK Convex - convex profile

All 3 ranges are designed to work with each other. You can build a keyboard using a mix of MBK, MCC and MBK Convex, and it will look great.

All 3 ranges are available in opaque black and translucent white.

Our translucent white keycaps may look like a standard white keycap. However when backlit with RGB LEDs, they are truly glorious.

POM Keycaps

We make our keycaps with the best material we can find: POM.

You may have heard of PBT, but not POM.

So what's POM?

POM is the ultimate keycap material along with PBT. It doesn't yellow easily. It doesn't shine like ABS does. It is super durable. Unlike PBT, POM has a superb and buttery smooth type feel, which we complement with a heavy texture.

POM was popular in the 90s but it is a difficult and expensive material to manufacture. The Cherry OG POM keycap is still considered one of the best keycaps ever made. Such magic shouldn't be lost, so we decided to revive the glory of POM keycaps.

How to buy MoErgo keycaps?

If you are in EU, or UK, you can buy our keycaps from one of our partner vendors below. Since they are in your region, they can often deliver faster and offer a better delivery cost. We love them, and strongly encourage you to buy from them.

If you are in other regions or prefer to buy directly from us, this is the shop.

Keycap legend durability

Our labeled POM keycaps are created using laser marking processes. Unlike many other label processes, laser marking produces extremely durable labels. The laser penetrates deep beyond the surface and the legends will last many years of rigorous typing.

Legend durability testing
As part of our product verification, we validate the durability of the legends by abusing our keycaps with > 3 minutes of sanding with sandpaper.

The sanding process completely removes the heavy texture we have on our POM keycaps, which won't happen even with years of typing. Yet as you can see in the photo, the legends are still clearly legible.

Sanding test

The left column are the original keycaps.
The right column are the keycaps after 3 to 5 minutes of sanding with 600 grit sandpaper. The surface texture has been removed.

Wearing-in of black labelled keycaps

Just like premium leather goods, our black labeled POM keycaps require wearing-in. When the keycaps are shipped, the legends are a brighter white that will wear into a light grey color over a few days of usage. This is expected and is the result of this particular manufacturing process. The light grey color legend however is incredibly durable.


The left column are keycaps when shipped.
The middle column are keycaps after wearing-in.
The right column are keycaps after 3 to 5 minutes of rigorous sanding with sandpaper.

Notes on translucent white labeled keycaps

Our white translucent POM keycaps are quite unique. When they are not backlit, they look like standard opaque white keycaps that fit perfectly in a professional environment. When they are backlit, the light shines through.

Due to the translucency, the laser light used in the laser marking process goes deep into the keycap substrate. This means that the labels are indestructible. However, due to the laser light diffusion, the labels on the translucent white keycaps are slightly less sharp than the labels on the opaque black keycaps.