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@codetothemoon spent $2200 on 6 ergonomic keyboards including Iris, Piantor, Kinesis Advantage360 and Glove80.

"If I had to pick one board it would be the Glove80. I think this is going to be my go-to for the foreseeable future"


"This is a first impressions video of MoErgo's keyboard, the Glove80. It's very customizable, incredibly well designed, and the most ergonomic keyboard on the market, hands down. I'd be really nervous if I were Kinesis right now."

Glove80 typing test

Watch @zsh's typing practice on Glove80. Notice how little movement his hands and fingers make.

Xah Lee

Xah Lee is the curator of one of the most important ergonomic keyboard databases on the Internet.

Xah explores Glove80 in this 50-minutes long live stream.

"I think it's excellent. EXCELLENT, is the word."


RTINGS: Best Ergonomic Keyboard For Enthusiasts

RTINGS.com is widely considered one of the most trusted, most objective and most in-depth tech reviewers. RTINGS has selected Glove80 to be the "Best Ergonomic Keyboard For Enthusiasts"(as of 5 July 2023).

"If you're an ergonomics guru looking for a keyboard you can fine-tune to best suit your body, we recommend the MoErgo Glove80, the best split keyboard and the best keyboard for enthusiasts we've tested."

Hackaday: Kristina Panos, who pens the "KEEBIN’ WITH KRISTINA" column

Glove80 Keyboard Sure Fits Like One

You may recall that there was a Kickstarter for this keyboard about a year ago. I was pumped about it then, and I still am. Here’s why:

  • It’s a compact, portable version of my favorite keyboard (since I can no longer Model M). What that means is that it’s a curved ortholinear with column stagger. What does that mean? No finger has to travel very far in either the x, y, or z direction to reach the keys.
  • Working from home is not for everyone, and I longed for a keyboard that would actually fit in my backpack along with my laptop. This is totally that keyboard and I can’t wait to take it out somewhere.
  • The Glove80 is meant for all hands... Mine are 6″ long, and that’s from the tip of my middle finger to the base of my palm. That’s about an inch shorter than the average keyboard reviewer.
  • The halves are wireless, meaning I can put them as far apart as I want, or even mount them on my chair.
  • The designers did over 500 ergonomic experiments and built cool modular test rigs in order to build their end game keyboard, and that’s awesome.

Review: Glove80 Ergonomic Keyboard (and comparison with Advantage360)

Review by Daniël de Kok

There is no perfect keyboard, but the Glove80 does come awfully close.


  • Superbly comfortable key wells, thumb cluster, and palm rest.
  • Tenting can be micro-tuned to your preferences.
  • Choc v1 switches make typing very light.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is very solid.
  • Great GUI editor that provides the functionality needed by most users.
  • Lightweight, so nice for travel, especially once the travel case is available.
  • Good choice in switches.
  • Extensible through the sidecar mechanism and GPIO headers.
  • Nice and helpful community.

Rating: 5/5

Ergonomic keyboards that Daniel had experience with are: Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB, Keyboardio Model 100, Ferris Sweep, SplitKB Kyria, Moonlander, Kinesis Advantage2, Kinesis Advantage 360, Kinesis Advantage360 Pro, and Dactyl.

Glove80 Review: In a word, excellent 💯

Reddit review by u/mrpotatohead546 in r/ErgoMechKeyboards

TL;DR this keyboard is awesome and if you're looking for an ergonomic keyboard you should probably just stop looking and buy a Glove80.

  • Extremely ergonomic design from top to bottom, lovely to type on
  • Thumb clusters are reachable and well thought out
  • Infinitely adjustable tenting/tilting
  • Wonderful keycaps
  • Great connectivity and software/firmware experience

3 weeks with the Glove80

Reddit review by u/Aulig in r/ErgoMechKeyboards

"One day I woke up with significant wrist pain when I moved it just a bit out of the neutral position. Soon after thumb pain followed.

After just 10 days I had full, pain-free range of motion in my wrists again. I still had wrist pain when going into a push up position, but by now that is also almost "gone" (back to the level before the sudden wrist pain onset).

Yea, I can hardly believe it myself, but apparently an ergonomic keyboard makes a huge difference. I guess it does make sense considering how much time I spend on the computer."

Glove80 vs Kinesis Advantage360 Pro: Quick comparison

Reddit review by u/ChemicalNo6106 in r/ErgoMechKeyboards
TLDR: Glove80 wins for me.

  • The feel/ergonomics/physical layout is much better. The factors that I can identify contributing to this are more sensible choices for
    1. the curve of the well
    2. default pronation angle
    3. layout of the keys.
    These are all clear improvements over the 360.
  • One of the most obvious improvements is the angle between the palm rest and the keys. On the 360 (on all the Advantage models actually, I've used them since v1) the angle somehow feels too sharp and my hand doesn't rest on the keys that comfortably. On the Glove80, my whole hand rests very nicely.
  • Reaching every key is even easier on the Glove80. For example, going to 'B' on the 360 now feels awkward than the same key on the Glove80.
  • The revamped thumb cluster is a big win: now all 6 keys are easily accessible.
  • I get 80 keys vs 76 keys, All in a more sensible layout - columns are longer and easier to reach, This vs the kb360 where the rows are longer and I have to move more to reach the keys on the inside of each half.
  • Using choc keys with less vertical travel leads to much a better typing experience - less movement, better keypress

Finding comfort: A review of the Glove80 keyboard

Reddit review by u/Aglets in r/ErgoMechKeyboards

  • The two outer columns, which are typically used by the pinky, are raised. This makes a tremendous difference for me, as I now use my pinkies regularly to type where I hadn't before
  • When I first saw the palm rests, I expected that I'd remove them once the keyboard arrived. Now that I'm using it, I couldn't image the keyboard without it. They ensure a natural, relaxed wrist posture and help stabilize your hand while typing. They've quickly become a top feature in my eyes.
  • The thumb clusters are good, offering a much better experience than using your pinkies for modifier keys.
  • Keywells are a great addition for making keys more accessible, especially when combined with tenting.
  • The MoErgo layout editor offers an outstanding web interface for changing what each key does. The underlying firmware is ZMK, so if you can do it in ZMK you can do it on Glove80.
  • Bluetooth "quick-switching" between devices works great.

I believe it has accomplished the designer's goal of creating a keyboard that works better than any other for as many people as possible.

Three weeks with the Glove80

Review by Wörtergarten

"I have owned and been using a Glove80 keyboard for about three weeks now. My time with it has been surprising. I have been using a split columnar keyboard for about 1 year at this point. I knew what to expect in rough terms.

But the Glove80 is so ergonomic that it made me realize problems I did not even know I wanted to solve, until I started using it."

"...The Glove80 puts that option on the table, and it is an option.The only place where it is opinionated is its ergonomics, and that works very, very well. If you do not want to go down the rabbit hole of programmability, the default layouts the keyboard comes with give you all the keys of a 120% keyboard without any fiddling, using just a single layer. And the curved keywell and very good thumb cluster put all of those keys within very easy reach all the same.

You might just find that eventually you want to tune things further, because this design is that good at reducing all the other noise. And then, if you want to, you can."

MoErgo Glove80 programmable ergonomic keyboard

Review by Suraj N. Kurapati, developer of the Engrammer layout.

"This is my MoErgo Glove80 keyboard: a split, columnar, contoured, and wireless ergonomic marvel that has become my “endgame” choice for the foreseeable future. Previously, I used an Ergohaven Remnant keyboard for 6 months, a Dactyl Manuform 5x6 keyboard for a year, an ErgoDox EZ keyboard for 6 years, and a Kinesis Advantage keyboard for 11 years prior — all on the quest for better ergonomics."

"Embodying a thoughtful, humanistic design that is forgiving (accommodating a broad range of hand sizes and shapes), inviting (like a lounge chair whose intuitive shape beckons weary hands to perch down for some well deserved rest), and futuristic (like some advanced Space Age technology that Batman would use), the Glove80 provides a comfortable, efficient, and delightful typing experience."

Overall, the Glove80 is a phenomenal upgrade over the Remnant and all other ergonomic keyboards I’ve used before. It’s like a dream come true: I love it!👌"

Xah Lee

Xah Lee is the curator of one of the most important ergonomic keyboard databases on the Internet.

Xah selected Glove80 as both Best Ergonomic Keyboards, Xah pick and Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Small Hands.

  • Superb physical design. Lightweight and elegant. Not huge, not bulky
  • Superb thumb keys design
  • Most powerful and flexible programmability
  • Contoured surface
  • Nice full-size function keys F1 F2 etc. Most ergo keyboards omit them