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MoErgo Cancellation & Return Policy

Last Updated: 28 February 2024



MoErgo Products are guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects. The warranty policy is covered by the MoErgo Warranty Policy, and not by this policy.



To initiate a cancellation request, please email  support@moergo.com with the order number.

An order can be cancelled if it is not yet fulfilled at the time we process the cancellation request. Once an order is fulfilled (i.e. picked and packed), cancellation is no longer possible.

Upon a successful cancellation, MoErgo will refund the paid amount minus the transaction charge, which is typically 5.4% + US$0.20. The transaction charge is the charge that goes towards the payment processor or Shopify, regardless of a cancellation.



MoErgo is a boutique bootstrapped keyboard company based in New Zealand. As such the returns policy reflects this reality.

Due to the high cost of shipping, it would likely be more economical and ecologically friendly for you to resell within your region. Glove80 tends to resell well. We have a specific channel #buy-sell-services on our Discord (www.moergo.com/discord) to help facilitate the secondary market.

You have 30 calendar days to initiate a return from the date you received it. To be eligible for a return, the items must be new, complete, in perfect condition, in original packaging, and show no signs of use.

To initiate a return:

1. Send an email to support@moergo.com to request a return, with the order number and the reason for the return request

2. You are responsible for shipping the returned item to our New Zealand address, at your own cost, using a tracked shipping method. As a reference, the expected USPS/UPS shipping cost from the USA to New Zealand is around US$100

3. Upon receipt of the returned items, we will inspect and assess the condition of each item

4. If the items are in perfect condition, we will refund the full amount.

If the items are not in perfect condition (such as showing signs of use, missing components, missing packaging, scratches, dents or dirt), we will offer you two options:

a. We can refund a partial amount based on the assessment (at our sole discretion) of the condition of the items

b. We can ship back the items via DHL at your cost; we will provide you with a copy of the DHL shipping quote

5. If a full or partial refund is agreed, we will initiate the refund process against the original credit card or payment method, unless that is no longer possible. Please note that the payment processor may take time to process and complete the refund.