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Glove80 Support

Thank you for choosing Glove80.

We hope you will enjoy the Glove80 as much as we do. Glove80 is our labor of love.

We spent more than six years designing the perfect keyboard for ourselves, and we are delighted to share our pride and joy with you.

Getting Started

To get started, we suggest you first read the Glove80 User Guide.

However if you can’t wait:

  1. Re-leveling the feet
    Glove80 may need re-leveling to ensure it sits flat and stable on your desk. To re-level, simply place Glove80 on a flat surface and turn the adjustable legs until all feet are touching the desk.
  2. Charge before use
    The batteries may have discharged during shipping. So if the keyboard doesn’t work straight away, don’t worry: please plug in both sides to charge and try again
  3. Connecting to the host with USB
    - Plug in the USB cable to the left half of your Glove80
    - Plug in the other side of the USB cable to a host, such as a PC
    - Switch on both the left and right halves by pushing the power button on each half
  4. Typing
    - Set up Glove80 for comfortable typing
    - Lightly place your fingers on the home row of the keyboard, with your index fingers on “F” and “J” respectively
    - Start typing

Typing comfortably with Glove80

As each of us is different, there is no single right way to set up Glove80 nor a single right way to type on Glove80. With a bit of experimentation, you will find the most comfortable setup.

Click the button below for pointers to set up Glove80 for comfortable typing.

Changing the keycaps

If you want to rearrange the keycaps, it is very important to hold the keyswitch down while removing the keycap:
- Use the included small wrench to hold the switch body down as pictured
- Gently pull the keycap off using the keycap puller, using a wiggling motion
- You should never have to use force to remove a keycap!
WARNING: Serious damage to PCB, not covered by warranty, may happen if you do not follow the instructions

Holding the keyswitch down with the provided wrench while removing the keycaps

Glove80 User Guide

Video guides, a few web pages, or a comprehensive user guide?

After much thinking, we decided to go "old school". Glove80 is powerful and flexible; Glove80 deserves a proper 40+ page user guide.

Glove80 User Guide

Version: 8 January 2023

Glove80 Layout Editor 

Your Glove80 can be customized using the Glove80 Layout Editor. Glove80 Layout Editor is a web app, requiring no installation.

Layout editor software displayed for use with Glove80

The Glove80 Layout Editor can be accessed at https://my.glove80.com.

Alternatively, click on “Glove80 Layout Editor” on the top menu of this website.

Glove80 Layout Editor is easy to learn. However it has some powerful features. To help you master the advanced features we have prepared a user guide for Glove80 Layout Editor.

Glove80 Layout Editor Guide

Version: 25 September 2023


If you are having problems with your Glove80, we have compiled a set of Troubleshooting FAQs to help you get your Glove80 working again.

If You Have a Question…

If you have a question, please check if the question is in the FAQs.

If you are having some problems with your Glove80, Troubleshooting FAQ may help to resolve the issue.

If the answer is not there, you will find a friendly community on our Discord server which may be able to give you a quick answer.

If you need help with our products, please contact MoErgo by email on support@moergo.com. We will do our best to help you.