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Glove80 Customization

An Ode to Customization

We are all different. Different hand sizes. Different hand shapes. We do different things on computers. We use different apps. We have different habits. We type differently. We speak different languages.

It would be a travesty if we all have to use Glove80 the same way.

So we make Glove80 highly customizable. We expect you, over time, to make your Glove80 uniquely yours. We are proud that the Glove80 is the most customizable keyboard on the market.

ZMK, Custom Layouts & Glove80 Layout Editor

Glove80 is powered by ZMK, an open-source firmware specially designed for Bluetooth LE-enabled keyboards. Similar to QMK, ZMK is immensely flexible and powerful, and allows deep re-programmability. Most important of all, ZMK has a great community. Some of the features supported by ZMK include: 

  • Layers
  • Hold-tap
  • Key combo
  • Macro
  • RGB control

With our Glove80 Layout Editor web application, you can take advantage of these ZMK capabilities to design your keyboard layout.

With its social sharing abilities, we can remix layouts built and shared by other Glove80 users to quickly create your perfect layout.

Layout editor software displayed for use with Glove80

No installation required. Works on most modern browsers (even mobile browsers too but not officially supported)

International Language Keycaps & Accessory Keycaps

Every key on Glove80 uses the same keycap shape. The keeb nerds call this uniform profile. With a uniform profile, you can interchange any keycap to match the layout you made with Glove80 Layout Editor.

We have also made a wide range of international language keycaps, and accessory keycap sets.

Adapt your Glove80 to international languages.

Bling your Glove80 with accessory keycap sets.

Finely Adjustable Built-in Tenting

Glove80 comes included with the tenting kit.

Continuously adjustable, you can tune the tenting angle to exactly how you like it, with or without the palm rest attached to Glove80.

Glove80 comes with the following extra threaded rods, for extra high tenting

  • 4 of M4x16mm
  • 4 of M4x35mm
  • 2 of M4x45mm

Custom Mounting, High Angle Mount and Tripod Plates

Glove80 is specifically designed for custom mounts. Take off the feet of each leg, and you have access to standard-sized mounting bolts. Because of the 4 or 6 M4 mounting bolts (depending on whether palm rests are used), the custom mount will be rock solid, and perfect for a chair mount, vertical mount, magnetic feet mount, or anything you can come up with.

ZMK Firmware Hacking

The MIT-licensed ZMK provides unlimited expansion possibilities when it comes to software capabilities. Whatever software features you want to add, you could if you are willing to write code.

Electronics Hacking

Extend the hardware functionality by integrating new electronics. Possibilities are endless: OLED, more switches or dial indicators, or perhaps a touchpad?
Please note the use of the GPIO header voids all warranties.

On each half of Glove80, 6 GPIO pins, GND pins and power pins are exposed via a 2x6 1.27mm pin header on the controller PCB.


The underside of Glove80 provides a couple of M2.5 anchor points to position a “sidecar” module.

A sidecar module can be used to extend your Glove80 by developing additional hardware or peripherals. Some possible uses include:

  • Joining of the two sides
  • A platform for a trackball
  • Adding a rotary encoder or additional key switches

Template sidecar design file